About us Linknet is a professional company dedicated to providing high speed Internet services in Montreal. What makes us so much better than other Internet service providers? Here at Linknet, we believe in values. We don’t want to do things for profit margins. We believe that good business means good people doing things for one another. We strive to achieve things in the name of improving the service for our customers. We believe that we should offer the service we’d want when it comes to We don’t want you to suffer through a terrible service provider.   This is the main reason we started our business. We were tired of seeing internet service providers offering terrible service to their customers, so we want to create an ISP based around the idea of customer service. Unlike other products and services in other industries, reliable internet is something that you need to work constantly. That’s what we strive to deliver.   We don’t use marketing tricks or scams to lure in customers. We don’t trap you with brutal contracts, because we actually care about our customers and we want you to be happy. We didn’t build this reputation through delivering bad service; we had to work hard so we could follow through on our promises. You’re tired of the same old story and so are we.   We don’t want you to have to suffer through poor internet service, just because all providers have their flaws. We want to work hard to give you the best service YOU can possibly get, rather than simply what’s best for our company. We have values and they involve you, as the customer, getting what you deserve. We want to transform this industry so that the possibility of reliable internet and phone service is no longer a dream.


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